Yamaha Crypton 1997 (Tangerang)

Posted by YOGA Monday, November 9, 2009

Yamaha Crypton engine's Great or Bamboo Shoots nicknamed it has a capacity of 261 cc. Got a match unbeaten record in the race 600 meters kebut night. Of the nine times appear, all opponents of clean brushed motor this geberan Faril.

Play in Tangerang, Jakarta until Cianjur, many nyesel ajakin own but finally after fighting the Bamboo Shoots, "said Alfin, Sha-Sha owner Motor (S2M), which mix the given name besutan as the owner's nickname.

According to Alfin, korekan applied fairly simple. No special technology is applied. The most mah up Most stroke and bore up doangan," I Alfin original Betawi and shop located on Jl. Raya Jombang, No. 7, Masjid Lama, Tangerang, Banten.

Bore up! The goal, larger cylinder capacity. Begitunya expected more out of a big power. More solid, piston-owned Yamaha Scorpio 70 mm in diameter on the block pairs of Jupiter. Then, the method also rose dilakoni stroke. Nah need to slide the big end, but the father of 6 year berputri route pen stroke applications.

"Put the pen stroke of 5 mm. Kan total rise and fall of a 10 mm. That was enough kok. If excess fear not strong," said 30 year mechanic. The more stable again, although it does not affect the stroke, but the handlebars of the piston part replaced.

Disposable piston's handlebars Yamaha RX-Z which is longer than Yamaha's Jupiter. Lho kok Jupiter again? Yes, use crutches taunya Alfin-tuh as Jupiter's. The total volume of 261 cc cylinders now.

Oh ya! There is one more locks Alfin applied for this motor. Namely, booster ignition diraciknya own. "CDI remains the standard. Use this booster, make a cleaner burning. One time pull or gases, combustion certainly fits. No dry not too wet," said the plan would Alfin mass producing the booster.



Tires: FDR 70/90-17
Rim: TK
Kanlpot: SKR
Airs next: YSS
S2M: (021) 94,353,653

Writer / Photo: Eka / David

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