Scoopy Honda will be one of Honda's flagship product will be launched in a few moments. Motor scooter type that is very attractive and designed to perfection. Latest 2010 Honda Scoopy quite eccentric and wonderful this will be one of the most sought after motorcycles this year.

Scoopy the first base was developed in Japan in 1992 is skutik that lead to their lifestyles. With a piece of rounded, sweet and pleasant, Scoopy disegmenkan for young people.

Scoopy carry the 110cc engine, single cylinder four-step. Honda claims this skutik only requires a liter of gasoline every 49 km.Scoopy distance to which it would be different, "said Marketing Director of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Julius Aslan at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta (05/18/2010).

Julius also said that the birth Scoopy in the homeland will be a trendsetter among the lovers of two wheels homeland.

Because the display of the riders Scoopy retronya will look different on the road and will look more stylish.

"Scoopy Users will become the trendsetter in the environment," concluded Julius.

Sccopy plan will be launched on May 20, 2010 AHM later. Scoopy will be strengthened using the 110 engine with carburetor pengabutan system.

And for the price, Scoopy will be placed under and above the price Vario BEAT price.

"Prices will definitely affordable and competitive," says Julius without giving detailed figures.

Maybe this is one production that will compete with Honda Yamaha Production, Xeon 125 is Yamaha and Suzuki's production, namely Samash Suzuki Titan, which is also the latest motorcycle production in 2010 this year.

Yamaha Xeon 125, more and sharpen competition in the automotive world homeland. After previous successful product launches with Yamaha Mio, Yamaha is now the latest generation will be coming soon in Indonesia's automotive world.

In June 2010, the latest Yamaha products will be fresh in 2010 can be found in the showroom - Yamaha showroom. In addition, for this time Xeon Yamaha 125 can be via online means you messages through the Internet.

Price Yamaha Xeon relatively cheap, ie 15.5 million rupiah is one factor that makes the producers believe this product will sell in the market.

We can see and read the specifications of the Yamaha 125 tersebutm Xeon, Xeon 125 is Yamaha Specifications "Besides stylis, Xeon is also equipped with excellent features DiAsil Cylinder. Technology is working to keep the engine condition remained stable during driving. In addition, more efficient fuel consumption and resistance to friction is greater," explained Dyonisius Beti, President Director of PT YMKI on the sidelines of the launch scooters in Jakarta, Friday (30 / 4).

Another advantage is that most Anyar generation piston engine in the Yamaha line scooter matic that use forged pistons. "The piston is made by forging process, making it more powerful, lightweight and durable," explained Dyon.

While in the process of combustion, Xeon equipped throttle position sensor technology. The device that serves to set the spark ignition timing. As a result, the combustion process is also running perfectly. Meanwhile, for setting the temperature to remain stable Xeon equipped with a radiator that uses a liquid coolant.

Yamaha officially launched its new automatic scooter products, Xeon. The launch took place simultaneously in three cities, namely Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali, at the same time using teleconferencing technology.

President Director of PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) Dyonisius Beti explains, Xeon's presence will further strengthen its dominance in the segment skutik. This new product is targeted to sell 25,000 units per month.

"Until the end of the year, we expect to be able to increase sales of 300,000 units," Dyon said at the launch at X2, Plaza Senayan, South Jakarta, Friday (04/30/2010).

Xeon holding 124 cc engine, 4 stroke, 2 valve, SOHC, and the cooled liquid. This skutik maximum energy reached 8.05 kW at 8500 rpm rotation and torque Nm at 7000 rpm 10:10. There are five choices of colors, namely blue, white, black, green, and red.

Yamaha Xeon cost Rp 15.5 million per unit on the road of Jakarta. "With prices like this positioning, we are confident will be able to compete with competitors," sure Beti.

With Yamaha's Xeon will be the presence of this type of ground water in the automotive market, the Yamaha 125 Xeon will be a tough competitor for other manufacturers. We'll see the market developments and Xeon 125 Yamaha was on its further development. Is the market welcomed the presence of automotive products in 2010 Latest Yamaha this time? Time also will decide!

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GM Cruiser Impact
* Full face helmet design
* Outer shell: Thermo Polymer
* Visor: clean and clear, scratch resistance
* Tali pengikat: clip standard
* Ventilasi: atas tengah, dagu, tanduk belakang
* Comfort padding, removable and washable sponge lining
* Ukuran: M, L
* Stok warna: white blue, white green, white red, white silver

Rp. 219.000,-

KYT Forza Retro Matrix
* SNI Certified
* Halfface helmet design
* Outer Shell: ABS
* Visor: Smoked
* Tali pengikat: clip standard
* Up ventilation
* Comfort padding
* Removable and washable sponge lining
* Ukuran: M – L
* Stok warna: Black matt grey gunmetal, black matt grey green, white matt grey red, white matt grey gunmetal, black matt grey blue, black matt grey red, black metallic grey green
* Berat: ± 1250 gr.

Rp 229.000,-

KYT Foxer Solid
* Half face helmet design
* Outer Shell: ABS
* Visor: clean and clear
* Tali pengikat: clip standard
* Comfort padding
* Removable and washable cheek sponge lining
* Ventilasi: atas kiri-kanan, belakang kiri-kanan
* Ukuran: M – L
* Stok warna: bright pink, picanto green, pearl black, pearl white, satin gold, blue lagoon
* Sertifikasi: SNI

Rp 195.000,-

CABERG SLR Evolution
* SNI certified
* Half face helmet design
* Outer Shell: ABS
* Visor: clean and clear
* Tali pengikat: clip standard
* Comfort padding
* Removable and washable cheek sponge lining
* Ventilasi: belakang bawah kiri-kanan, depan atas kiri-kanan
* Ukuran: M-XL
* Stok warna: black

Rp 159.000,-

Helm Half face merk Hiu type Prima LX
Harga : Rp 87.500

Footstep Underbone - YOSHIMURA
Pengganti Satria FU
Harga : call

Footstep Underbone - Yoshimura
Footstep underbone - Yoshimura Pengganti untuk: Yamaha Jupiter MX
Harga :Call

Velg Racing
Pengganti untuk: Smash
Harga : Rp 350.000

Footstep Belakang Chrome
Pengganti untuk: Satria F-150
Harga : Rp 105.000

Footstep Underbone Suzuki (Thailand)
Pengganti untuk: Satria F-150, Raider
Keterangan :Modifikasi
Harga : Rp. 370.000

Knalpot Racing - KONIC
Untuk semua jenis motor
Harga : Call/SMS

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